[Instagram Review]✨Centella Calming Gel Cream✨✨ROSE GALACTOMYCES SILKY TONE UP CREAM✨✨Iunik Tea tree Relief Serum✨

15 Jun 2022
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Finally,Ii am going to share my honest review as their ambassador on theses 3 products from @iunik_official 🥺

✨Centella Calming Gel Cream✨

💭My thoughts💭

It has such a great combination of ingredients. This gel-cream is more ideal for those who have combination, oily skin. It’s a fantastic soothing and cooling gel and personally I am going to say that it is comfortable lightweight gel formula. But as for people who have dry skin, this isn’t for you because I found that it doesn't give any enough hydration or maybe u can top up another cream-based moisturizer afterwards and use this as a topical treatment💧


💭My thoughts💭
It has a fresh rose scent, with white color and soft, silky texture. If u are sensitive with fragrance u might want to skip this. the tone up effect is pretty bright so I think it is more
fitted for lighter skin tones✨ easily absorbed by my skin and gives a non-tacky glow finish. Oily and non-sensitive skin might suitable for this.

✨Iunik Tea tree Relief Serum✨

💭My thoughts💭

This is a lightweight serum that is instantly absorbed by the skin. no fragrance or even a scent to be honest, great for sensitive skin. It helped reduce the inflammation and felt cooling on my skin. You can use it in the morning and night, but avoid using this in combination with other active ingredients (AHAs BHAs Retinol)

The more reason that you have to love iunik because of their certification
from CPNP , SCPN , Animal Test Free, France Eve Vegan, Original excellent dermatest 🥺❤️  

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